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- Can use the training grip with all your own clubs, during practice or play - There are different sizes (jr, small, regular, womens) - Can adjust it to be neutral, weak, or strong with the scope - inconspicuous device (other players won't notice if you're using the device) - Feels like you're holding your normal grip cause the bottom is your own grip
- Not Easy to take on & off clubs; the difficulty will depend on the the grip size & type (multiple customers on various review sites stated that) - After a few swings the grip aid moves, then you have to realign the aid with the scope - Does not address all aspects of a good grip (grip pressure, short thumb vs long thumb etc. read more below in effectiveness) - If you have really big hands or small hands it might be an issue if you pick the wrong size (I say this because you can't open up the package and try the aid out ex. small male hands might need a womens grip rite)

What is it?

Grip it Rite is a golf training grip with a innovative scope alignment tool.


-Teaches you how to correctly hold the golf club -Consistent use will promote ‘muscle memory’ allowing the individual with practice and time to achieve the perfect grip. -Main difference with this training grip vs other training grips is the alignment tool , the scope. -Why is this so special or important? -It aims to address the illusion of forward lean The illusion of the forward lean is the difference between perception of view 1 & 2. “Perception 1” involves someone other than the golfer himself (ex. golf instructor). The person is looking at the golfer directly (as if they are going to video record the golfer from the front). -If the video recorder is a “good golfer” he/she would see the shaft leaning forward. The person REALIZES that the club face is actually squared and the forward lean is in fact an illusion. -If the video recorder is a “bad golfer” he/she DO NOT understand that when the shaft appears to be leaning forward, that it is an illusion and the reality is that the club is actually squared. VS “Perception 2” involves the golfer themselves that is set up with a club and looking down at the ball (ex. you are the golfer) -A “good golfer” will KNOW that when looking down at the ball a “squared” club face involves the club face looking open and almost leaning excessively forward. -A “bad golfer” DO NOT know how to properly square their club face. When looking down at the ball the club face appears square and might look like it is leaning forward, but in fact the club face is NOT squared and the shaft is probably leaning backwards. -In the two following links Steve Elkington explains this illusion much better than I have, please watch both videos to understand it better. In the second video he demonstrates how you can use a square piece of cardboard as a golf aid to change your perception of what square is. Illusion of forward Lean video 1Illusion of forward Lean video 2 Grip it rite is special because with the scope on the training grip -You will be able to align the grip to the club face -You will be able to put your hands on the grip properly because of (thumb pad, index finger pad, thumb placement hole and hand placement guide fin) -This will give you a better sense of what a square club face is from view #2 (note: this does not mean the grip aid will guarantee a fix. The only way to solve the problem is to understand the illusion, only then will your perception change to what reality is)


Usually I would explain the installation and use, but the grip it rite website has great pictures and explanations. INSTALLATION & USEProblems with setup: -Not Easy to take on & off clubs, the difficulty will depend on the the grip size & type (multiple customers on various review sites stated that) -If you use your green repair tool to remove it, it pops off easily. Tips on how to adjust the aid once its on the grip: -Leave the scope up -Grab the scope and hand placement guide fin and use both at the same time to adjust the aid position on the grip. -If you try to use just the scope by itself the scope might break -Also, it is hard to move it with just the hand placement guide fin

Ease of Use:

-Once you have it installed the aid is easy enough to use , you basically grab it and start swinging. -The effectiveness will depend on many more variables(read below to find out what variables?)


-The effectiveness of grip it rite will depend on the below variables ( all examples are for right handed golfers, sorry lefties) 1) Holding the club more towards your palm vs towards the fingers in you right hand Why is it important ? -It will give you the freedom of the wrist joint in your right hand if you hold it properly LINKS lesson with elk right hand gripPaul kopp sequence series the grip in depthGet the club in the fingersHands on the grip 2)Long vs short thumb in your left hand Why it important? -Short thumb will increase the stability and will put more of the weight into the bone. -Long thumb will disturb your right hand grip LINKS fixing mikes grip part 1fixing mikes grip part 2paul kopp sequence series exercises long left thumbValue of left thumb controlled power slice 3) Understanding the pressures needed in your hands when applying the grip will help you track your hands naturally -This will prevent undesirable moves. -The point is to make it function properly. LINKS Talking golf with mike maves part 1 right hand gripTalking golf with mike maves part 2 pressure from elbows downTalking golf with mike maves part 3 grip pressure down and upGrip pressureGrip firm not tight finger pressure 4)Inner right hand grip? Inner right hand grip 5)Saddle in the right hand grip? -The saddle will hold the club square at the top. LINKS Himalayas-saddle-in-the-right-hand-gripRight-hand-grip-saddle 6)Unity of the hands -Interlocking, baseball grip, vs overlapping grip -All have advantages and disadvantages -The purpose is to unite your hands so they function properly in the golf swing LINKS Two-hands-as-onesize-of-the-man-and-interlocking-grip 7)How often you use it. -It is very important to create good habits with grips. Using it for a few months is really good because your hands will adjust to that position. Also, using it every year will help reinforce good habits. Slipping in good habits is one of the major problems golfers will face. You need to re-check all your basics (setup, grip, stance, ball position, swing sequence) every year because if one part is off it can cause you to compensate & throw your swing off. For example: The grip gets too weak so you start slicing, therefore you compensate by changing your sequence in your swing to get your ball back to straight. Other: Interesting videos on the grip vardon-gripvardon-grip-cotton-grip-pressuregrip-alignmentRegarding the claims Does it Leads to longer and straighter shots ? -The training grip as you have read does not begin to scratch the surface of all the aspects of a good grip -we have not even talked about any other aspects of the golf swing yet takeaway, downswing , lower body action etc. -the point is you need to Build correct muscle memory on all those aspects to have longer and straighter shots. – does the grip cover some aspects, yes it does. Will it give you a better chance of hitting longer and straighter shots? yes. – will you hit longer and straighter shots right away after you use this grip, I would bet my money on NO! (note:If you guys need more instructional material on the grip email me at golfaidreviews@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to provide it)

Customer reviews on other sites & consumer testing Customer reviews:

Most people liked the product, only thing people had problems with is setup of the product. Testing the product: I really enjoyed using the training grip & so did all the golfers that tested it, again only thing they complained about is attaching the device. -For the actual customer review’s refer to the links below under (Other Site Reviews & info regarding the device:)


Durability of the device -It looks like a cheap device but its pretty durable -At first I thought the scope would break off because it looked flimsy but hasnt -Still I got to admit, I am very carefull taking it off or adjusting it because I still feel like it might break Use of the device: -I have been using the device for 6 months and will keep using it for many years. I really think its a great golf aid.


I believe having a training grip is the easiest way to ingrain the proper grip. Grip it rite does not cover all aspects of a good grip, but it does cover some of them. The alignment scope is the best part about this aid because it gives you a better understanding of a square club face. There are many aspects to work on in a golf swing, make your life easier and eliminate a few variables and buy a training grip (it doesn’t need to be the grip it rite aid) (note:there are many different thoughts on golf grips -David leadbetter advocates a prayers grip in his new invention the A swing -While Mindy Blake in his book “the golf swing of the future” believes in a different grip. -Golfers that play on the professional tours all have different grips ( bubba watson, dustin johnson, ricky fowler, fred couples, tommy gainey etc.) -The grip varies so much, that the only thing to say is a proper grip is the one that works for you.

Cheaper Alternatives

1) Draw on your golf glove with a marker Learn the Proper Grip with a markerDavid-Leadbetter-Correct-Grip-Golf-GloveShot Dot Glove 2)Read or watch golf instruction on the golf grip -You don’t need a training grip if you put the time and effort into learning the golf grip. 3)Get a grip that gets permanently attaches to your club. -This option is way cheaper and you dont have to worry about realigning you club over & over again -It does eliminate the option of being able to weaken or strengthen your grip. Example of a grip

Other Site Reviews & info regarding the device:

Grip it Rite Official Websitethe hackers paradise forum reviewAmazon.com Reviews (scroll down the page till you get to customer reviews)Gripit Rite! Amazing Golf Grip Training! ( youtube infomercial video)GripIt Rite youtube explanation by learning teeGripIt Rite Developed by: Henry Brunton ( youtube vid)Hank Haney GripIt Rite Trainer (looks like Haney purchased the rights to this product)in the hole golf (customer reviews)Golf Monthly Forum Talking about Grip it RiteDicks sporting goods Grip it Rite ( customer reviews)Amazon.co.uk Reviews (scroll down the page till you get to customer reviews)The company has come out with a new aid its called the chip it rite (check it out)Golf Channel feature on Grip it RiteHenry Brunton Golf tips ( inventor of grip it rite)misspar.com (video on grip & grip it rite aid, really good should check it out)

other grip training aids:

Thumb-CaddyMomentus-Training-GripGrip-SolidGrip-Wrap-by-Gary-WirenGRIP-COACH-The-Perfect-GripEZGRIP/Accu-Hit/Golf-Training-Aids-Trainer-SwingGolf-training-Achieve-maintain-properFirm-Grip-Wrap-Strap-Golf-Training-Aid-NEW-True-Swing-TrueSwing-Golf-Training-System-w-Grip-DVDMoe-Normans-Feeling-Greatness-Training/SKLZ-Smart-Glove-Mens-Medium/DynaFlex-TourGrip/David-Leadbetter-Original-SwingSetter-Right-Handed//Golf-Smart-Grip-Mentor/Game-inglove-Training-aidPowerhandz-Pure-Grip-Golf-Gloves-SKLZ-GOGR-001-Grip-Trainer/Momentus-Golf-Power-Swing-Trainer/Dynamics-Swing-GloveButch-Harmon-Right-Grip-GlovesPutting Grip AidSensoGlove-Golf-GripGrip MojoFrogger-Golf-Swing-Hero-Swing-TrainingGolf-Training-Aids-Grip-Gear-Finger-Bra-2-Packleadbetter-training-gripI have contemplated including more grip instruction information, but there is a lot of different views on the grip. If anyone would like more information feel free to contact me at golfaidreviews@gmail.com

GripIt Rite

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