We at Golf Aid Reviews help golfers make educated purchases by providing research based independent reviews. We have around 4-8 golfers of various handicaps test out the product for 6-8 weeks (time period changes based on products). They then fill out a standard template to assess four areas: set-up, ease of use, effectiveness, and longevity (for specific aids we perform launch monitor testing). We also take into account reviews from other sites like Amazon. We have found that a black and white approach is the farthest thing from the truth – in other words, no aid is good or bad. Aids, devices, products fix certain flaws or fill voids; If that aid does not fix the swing flaw you have, its not the right aid for you. We are here to provide truthful information so golfers can benefit from the products. Our ultimate goal is to lower the worlds handicap so everyone can enjoy the great game of golf.

Services we provide:
-Research Based Reviews (for specific aids we perform launch monitor testing)
-Social Media Exposure
-Golf Aid Development

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