Total Golf Trainer Review

Total Golf Trainer
9.1 Reviewer

The Total Golf Trainer (TGT) is a game-changer for golfers looking to elevate their swing mechanics and overall performance. Here’s a fresh take on what this training aid brings to the table:

Sleek Design and Quality

The TGT system is cleverly designed with several adjustable parts that you can attach to your body and club. Components like the TGT Arm, TGT Hip, and TGT V2 are crafted from durable, lightweight materials. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t interfere with your natural movement, all while giving you crucial feedback.

Versatility in Training

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been playing for years, the TGT is a powerful tool. It helps iron out common issues like over-the-top swings, early releases, and poor hip rotation. The real-time feedback lets you make adjustments on the fly, speeding up your learning curve.

1. **TGT Arm:** Keeps your arm in the right position throughout your swing. It’s great for ensuring a solid takeaway and avoiding the dreaded chicken wing.

2. **TGT Hip:** Helps you maintain proper hip rotation and stops you from swaying or sliding. This is key for generating power and consistency.

3. **TGT V2:** A versatile tool for everything from putting to full swings. It gives you comprehensive feedback on multiple aspects of your swing.


What sets the TGT apart is its ease of use. It comes with straightforward instructions and can be set up in just a few minutes. Plus, there are plenty of online resources and video tutorials to help you get the most out of it.

Performance Boost

Users of the TGT often see significant improvements in their swing mechanics and overall game. The instant feedback helps you identify and correct mistakes quickly, leading to more consistent ball striking, better accuracy, and increased distance over time.

Great Value

Considering its versatility and the quality of feedback it provides, the TGT offers great value for money. It’s an investment, but the benefits in terms of improved performance and reduced frustration make it well worth the price.

Final Thoughts

The Total Golf Trainer is an excellent training aid that can help golfers of all levels improve their game. Its smart design, ease of use, and effective performance make it a valuable addition to any golfer’s training toolkit. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to fine-tune your mechanics, the TGT is a worthy investment.

EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror Review

EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror Review
10 Reviewer

The EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror isn’t just a training aid—it’s like having your own personal putting coach right in your bag! Let’s dive into what makes this little mirror so special:

Key Features:

1. **Magic Mirror Surface**: The large, shiny mirror lets you see your eyes, shoulders, and putter face, making sure everything’s lined up just right.

2. **Guiding Lines**: The built-in alignment guides are like having lane markers for your putting stroke, ensuring you’re on the right track every time.

3. **Portable and Packable**: Lightweight and easy to carry, you can whip it out for a quick practice session anywhere—home, practice green, or even before a big game.

4. **Built Tough**: This mirror can handle regular use without scratching, so you don’t have to treat it like fragile glass.

5. **Universal Fit**: Works with putters of all sizes and can be adapted for various putting drills.


– **Nail Your Alignment**: The visual feedback helps you get your eyes, shoulders, and putter perfectly lined up, making those short putts feel like a breeze.
– **Consistency is Key**: Practice with the mirror regularly, and soon you’ll have a putting routine that’s as reliable as your favorite pair of golf shoes.
– **Instant Insight**: See your setup and stroke in real-time, so you can tweak and adjust on the fly.
– **Confidence Booster**: Knowing your setup is spot-on boosts your confidence, helping you sink more putts and lower your scores.

Potential Drawbacks:

– **Getting Used to It**: It might feel a bit weird at first, but stick with it, and soon you’ll wonder how you ever putted without it.
– **Keep It Clean**: The mirror can get smudgy, so keep a cloth handy to wipe it down and keep your reflection crystal clear.
– **Focused Use**: While fantastic for alignment, you’ll still need to practice your speed control and green reading separately.


The EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror turns your putting practice into a fun and effective routine. With its clear visual feedback and easy portability, it’s like having a magic mirror that helps you perfect your alignment and stroke. Sure, it might take a bit to get used to, but once you do, you’ll be making putts with confidence and style. So, get ready to impress your friends on the green and enjoy every moment of your putting practice with the EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror!

BirdieWrap Review – Golf Sports Tape For Hands and Fingers

10 Reviewer


-High-quality, durable material
-No sticky residue left on your hands and fingers after you remove BirdieWrap!
-Easy to use and adjust
-Stretches easily over knuckles, flexible and comfortable to wear for an entire round of golf!
-Made with waterproof, hypo-allergenic adhesive that helps keep BirdieWrap on your fingers and hands even if it gets wet!
-Provides excellent support without restricting movement
-Protect your fingers from hot spots, nicks, cuts, and blisters from a long session at the driving range or a full day on the golf course!
-Breathable and comfortable
-Stylish design that blends with golf attire
-Reasonable price


– Might not be suitable for severe injuries that require more substantial support

What is it ?

Birdie Wrap is a thin, flexible tape that was designed to provide golfers with a convenient and efficient way to manage minor injuries or provide additional support to the joints and muscles during play. Sports tapes can also relive pain, reduce swelling, and inflammation.

Design and Build Quality

The Birdie Wrap Golf Wrap boasts a high-quality construction, featuring durable yet flexible materials that ensure longevity and adaptability. The wrap is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry in a golf bag without adding significant weight. The fabric is breathable, reducing discomfort during extended use.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Birdie Wrap is its user-friendly design. The wrap can be applied quickly and easily on the course. The adjustable nature allows it to fit various body parts, including wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. This versatility is a major plus for golfers who may need support in different areas at different times.

Comfort and Performance

In terms of comfort, the Birdie Wrap performs admirably. The material is soft against the skin, preventing irritation even during prolonged use. It provides a snug fit that offers excellent support without restricting movement, which is crucial for maintaining a good swing and overall performance on the course.

Support and Injury Management

The wrap excels in providing the necessary support to minor injuries or strained muscles. It effectively stabilizes the affected area, helping to alleviate pain and prevent further injury. This is particularly beneficial for golfers who are recovering from an injury but still want to play.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically, the Birdie Wrap is simple yet stylish, aligning well with the overall golf culture.

Value for Money

Considering its quality and utility, the Birdie Wrap offers excellent value for money. It is priced reasonably for the benefits it provides, making it a worthwhile investment for golfers who frequently deal with minor injuries or need extra support.


The Birdie Wrap Golf Wrap is a fantastic accessory for golfers looking to manage minor injuries or add extra support while playing. Its thoughtful design, comfort, and effectiveness make it a valuable addition to any golfer’s gear. While it may not replace more robust medical supports for serious injuries, it excels in its intended purpose and offers great value for money. Highly recommended for golfers aiming to stay in top shape on the course.


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Unlock Your Potential: 5 Best Beginners Golf Training Aids

Hitting the golf ball repeatedly won’t improve your game much if you are doing it the wrong way. Especially for beginners, it is essential to know the weak points and work on them from the very beginning. Otherwise, errors could end up becoming a habit or muscle memory, making it harder to fix later.

Now, everyone can’t afford one-on-one learning sessions with a professional regularly. In that case, golf training aids are the easiest solution. They let you practice anytime and come at different price ranges. However, “What is the best golf training aid for beginners?” is a difficult question to answer. It’s because different golf training aids are designed to help fix different issues. Some are to strengthen your golf basics like grip or alignment, while some are to improve your swing sequence or could be for your putting skill and many more.

The best one for you depends on what you want to improve. We have reviewed the 5 best training aids for beginners and stated how they help to refine your game. Let’s learn about them to find the best one for you.

5 Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners

1. Swing Master CTRL

Every golfer has their own pace of improvement. Rather than comparing themselves with professionals or fellow golfers, having a competition with ownself gives more encouragement to improve. Swing Master CTRL, with sensors on the sleeve and control app, makes that happen. It analyzes your swing, compares it with your style and gives suggestions.

To get started, simply put on the sleeve on your lead arm. If you are a right-handed golfer, wear it on the left and vice versa. It attaches to your thumb, index, and ring finger, so it doesn’t move easily. It has 2 sensors. One goes above the elbow, and the other is near your knuckles. Double-tap the sensors to turn them on. When the white light is on, you are ready to go.

The control app lets you build your own swing baseline. In addition, it has an easy and advanced mood. Easy mode lets you hit center, right, or left. Not being able to hit straight is a common problem among beginners. This mode helps beginners to fix slices, hooks, draws, etc. And advanced mode specifies the flight path. It is beneficial when you want to learn fade or draw shots etc.

After you have taken swings, it tells you how your tempo ratio, backswing, downswing, club face, and club path should be compared to the baseline you selected. Rushing in different parts of the swing is one of the main reasons for inconsistent shots. These pointers let you know where you need to slow down. As for the audio feedback, you can specifically select what you want suggestions on. On days when you need some motivation, you can select good feedback only.


  • Gives personalized feedback
  • Shows images of how your clubface and club path should be
  • Easy to charge and pair the sensors
  • Sleeve itself is quite breathable


  • As it attaches with 3 of your fingers, gripping the golf club might be a little uncomfortable at first

Final verdict

Swing Master CTRL is the best overall of our list as it works like a personal golf instructor that you can have all the time at your home. It’s for those golfers who don’t mind spending extra money to get detailed feedback and improve at their own pace.

2. Puttout Pressure Training Aid

Hitting the ball too hard or slightly in the wrong direction are two of the most common reasons why most beginners miss the putt. Puttout Pressure training aid helps to improve your control over the speed and direction of the putts. This aids in understanding better what adjustments you need to make for better putts.

It has a parabolic curve design that gives instant feedback. The function is quite simple. You hit it, targeting the center. It returns good putts. The ball goes sideways when you hit it in the wrong direction. It also returns the ball to the same distance it would have gone past the hole when you hit too hard. There is a micro-target slot in the middle that holds the ball when you make a perfect putt. This part is quite challenging. It helps you make more precise shots.

Putting from different distances with this trainer makes you better in short-distance shots. Know that it works best for putts up to 6 feet. While using indoors, it is good to use it with indoor putting green or at least with carpet to help you understand surface effect on putts.

Coming to the build quality, it has a quite sturdy construction. This trainer has a heavy rubber base and folds securely. It will easily fit in your golf bag.


  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Helps to stop pulling or pushing putts
  • Can be folded and carried anywhere


  • It is comparatively expensive for a plastic and rubber-made product

Final verdict

This one is for those struggling to get the correct pace, distance, and alignment while making putts. It is slightly expensive for a plastic-made training aid. But the quality is good too.

3. Swing Jacket

Swing jacket restricts your wrong motion while swinging. The clips and straps on the jacket limit your arm movement. It ensures that you stay on a proper swing plane, keeping the elbow and arm closer to the body. It makes the swing well coordinated.

For many right-handed players, especially beginners, the right side naturally tries to take over, or the right elbow flies out while making swings. And vice versa for left-handed players. Sometimes golfers don’t even realize it. Swing jacket makes you feel it by resisting your muscles from going that way. It keeps the arms connected to the torso and helps to take better full turns. Eventually, your swing gets smoother. Proper swing helps gain straighter, longer, and more consistent shots.

As the straps and clips do the major job here, ensure you have adjusted them correctly. It may feel awkward at first. It means it is resisting your motion. Give in to it. Go according to the jacket, and you will slowly get used to it. When you start feeling comfortable swinging with the jacket on means your swing is improving. It is slowly building your muscle memory to take better shots.


  • Helps to get used to the “square to square” swing path
  • Aids in controlling the drivers better
  • Improves clubhead speed
  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed golfers


  • Adjusting the jacket correctly is a slightly difficult task
  • The adjustment clips are comparatively less durable

Final verdict

Swing jacket is for those struggling to keep the arm connected while swinging. This training aid resists disconnection and builds muscle memory for a better swing.

4. SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

Grip is a very basic thing in golf. Placing the fingers even in a slightly wrong direction can cause slices and hooks. But it can be pretty hard to detect what is wrong with it and grip the same out of habit. SKLZ golf grip trainer aids in solving this issue by building muscle memory of a better grip.

This helps you to pick up the correct finger placement on the golf club. In addition, the grip pressure gets better. It’s very easy to use. You just need to align it with the arrow, clip it with a club, grip it, and hit the ball.

What makes it more suitable for beginners is that it stops you from flipping the club. By placing your hand and wrist in a correct position, it saves you from muscle strain. It might feel strange at first to place fingers according to the grip. It will start to seem more natural with time.

The best way to use it is to take a few shots with the grip on, then practice the motion without the grip. Using it for a long time without a break isn’t a good idea. It might cause blisters. As the grip is a little slippery, you need to be careful not to slip it away as well.


  • Helps to get a firmer grip
  • Aids in fixing push shots
  • Fits on all standard grips and some midsize grips as well


  • Designed for right-handed players only
  • Thumb spacers might feel small for bigger hands

Final verdict

SKLZ golf grip trainer is for right-handed players looking for an affordable training aid to improve finger, wrist, and hand placement; and grip pressure on the club.

5. Aero swing

Higher swing speed gets better distance, which helps you stay ahead in the game. But beginners often struggle to increase swing speed. Aero swing is an effective way to change that. It uses patented air drag technology to create resistance while you swing the golf club.

The setup is quite easy. You simply need to slide it down the shaft. When you take the swing, the air gets in. That creates drag causing your swing speed to go slower. You need to swing harder than before to get better swing speed. But the faster you swing, the more air gets in and creates more resistance. This eventually makes your muscles stronger. So, when you swing without the trainer, swinging faster becomes a lot easier for you. That’s how the swing speed increases.

It is designed to put the most resistance in the hitting area to gain a better distance. It gets a lot easier to move the club in the follow-through, as you don’t need to increase your speed there. When you improve your swing speed and get comfortable, you can use two at a time to create more resistance.

Another good thing is that even without the drag, it puts a noticeable weight on the club. This makes you more conscious of your swing plane and aids in improving that as well. It can also be a good warm-up tool before the round.


  • Helps to increases swing speed and gain better distance
  • You can hit a golf ball with it on
  • A great warm-up tool


  • It’s hard to slide it down some clubs with a jumbo grip

Final verdict

Aero swing is for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-setup training aid to increase swing speed.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Training Aids for Beginners

1. Your weak point

Knowing your weak point is the crucial first step to improving. It is the first factor to consider while buying training aids too. Analyze your own game. Observe when you lose par the most.

The common things beginners need to do for better long-distance shots are to strengthen the swing basics, increase their swing speed to get better distance, learn to make straighter shots, etc. You could use golf swing analyzers, swing speed trainers, wrist hinge trainers, impact bags, etc. for that. For improving short-game, putting aids are pretty helpful. In comparison, training aids like alignment sticks and grip trainers are for strengthening basics.

2. Ease of use and portability

It’s not a good idea to get into something very complicated, especially for beginners. Focus on one thing at a time. Something simple that helps to improve a specific area of your game is good to go. And when you choose swing analyzers or any other trainer with sensors, choose the one that has a simple and easy-to-understand setup.

If you are going to use the training aid indoors, make sure that you have enough space or a suitable surface or ceiling height for that. A trainer that you can bring to your office and practice between the breaks is even better.

3. Price

Anything that helps you in training is considered a training aid. Thus, it has quite a broad range. It can come under $20, or it can be more than $20,000. For example, impact tape is a training aid too, and many of them come under $20. In comparison, a golf simulator that helps you analyze and improve your game can cost even more than $20,000. Most golfers look for training aids for around $100.


Are golf training aids worth it?

Yes, golf training aids let you practice at your convenient time, place, and budget. There are various types and options available for you to choose according to your preference. They help to make straighter shots, increase swing speed, improve control over the direction of shots, etc.

Training aids do that by giving you instant feedback or by letting you know the motion helping to gain the improvement you desire. It eventually helps to fix the problem and build the correct muscle memory. In addition, many of them can also be used as warm-up tools.

What training aids do golf pros use?

Different pros use different training aids. However, many of them are seen carrying mirrors and alignment sticks. When we get product specific, the Superspeed golf training system and Orange whip are two of the famous golf training aids used by PGA professionals.

Summing it up

Knowing yourself and your game is the first step to choosing the best training aid for yourself. Remember that no training aid is going to do miracles overnight. You need to be patient and persistent about the game. So, when you succeed, you are the one who deserves praise the most. Hope that you find your best one and achieve the score you desire.

Happy golfing!

Author Bio:
Emily, a golf enthusiast and tech expert, shares her valuable insights on golf drills, equipment and training aids. She stays up to date with the latest updates in golf simulation technology, from high-fidelity graphics to advanced ball tracking and swing analysis. She shares her thoughts and experience with fellow golf lovers through Nifty Golf.

Swing Master – CTRL

Swing Master
10 Reviewer


-CTRL is the first of its kind artificial intelligence golf instructor—It learns how you already swing and then gives you tips to improve your swing.
-Uses simple graphics and plain English like “slow down your backswing” to help you pinpoint exactly what needs to be adjusted.
-CTRL’s feedback is made to be understood by everyone—first-timers, regular golfers and pros.
-Provides feedback on the 3 most important aspects of your golf swing: tempo, club face and club path.
-Easy to set up and use
-Can be used with and without a ball, indoors and outdoors, and saves and evaluates your consistency of perfect swings, your top fixes, and your most & least consistent clubs.
-Tracks your consistency and improvement over time with data and charts that show per session stats, the difference between various sessions and your improvement with different swings and clubs.
-It works for both Android and iOS.
-Good Quality sensors and sleeve


-Proper Sleeve fit (We suggest purchasing one size below CTRL chart recommendation)

What is it?

CTRL is the first of its kind artificial intelligence golf instructor. Its eyes consist of 2 sensors placed on your lead arm. After ten swings the app’s AI/brain analyzes and pinpoints deficiencies in yours swing and gives suggestions on how to improve.



We put the CTRL to the test by performing 3 days of testing with 5 golfers. We had each golfer first watch the above setup video. After using the device for 30-45 min they filled out our questionnaire covering setup, effectiveness, longevity, etc.. On the subsequent days we had each golfer work on training with the device and tracked their progress.

Questionnaire Results:

What did you think of CTRL?
-“Great device, makes practice purposeful”
-” Wow, this is crazy. its like having a golf instructor in your pocket”
-” This is the future of golf Practice”
-” I like how it shows you after every swing what you need to do, speed up your backswing, close your clubface”
-” I don’t like pulling out my phone when practicing cause it gets me out of my groove, It is convenient that the app reads out loud the feedback after every swing”

Set-up (1-10/ 10 being the easiest):
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“The app and sensors connections was quick and easy”
-“I like how you just tap the sensors to turn them on”
-“The magnetic connection where the sensors snap on the sleeve is neat”

Ease of use: (1-10/ 10 being the easiest):
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“Just connect and swing”
-” The app is easy to navigate”
-“The app registered every swing, connection works well”

CTRL Quality (1-10/ 10 being highest quality)
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“Similar quality as apple products”
-“Looks fancy and expensive”
-“The pyramid base design is really sleek”

What do you think about the CTRL’s feedback ?
-“Super easy to understand”
-“I am a visual person, the simple graphics where a big plus for me”
-“I love how it just focuses on the important stuff, club face, path and tempo.”
-“With life being busy I don’t always have time to hit the range, Its really beneficial for me that I don’t have to hit a ball to get the feedback.”

What would make CTRL better?
-“The sleeve fit was a little loose at the top of the arm, adding an adjustable strap would be beneficial”
-” It would be fun if there where some more games in the app.”
-“The feedback is great but sometimes its hard to know how to fix your flaw, having links to instructional videos might help”

Did CTRL improve your swing on the first session?
-5 testers commented “yes”
-“Yes, this technology is amazing. You see improvements every swing! “
-”Man this is revolutionary, you see improvements on the first day”

Would you keep using the device and incorporate into your regular practice?
-5 testers commented “yes”

Based on your opinion is the price reasonable (too expensive/ cheap just right?)
-“It’s a bargain for what it does”
-“its on the more expensive side, but its an amazing product, worth the money”

Would you recommend this device to others?
-5 testers commented “yes”
-This Device will make learning golf easier for everyone

My concluding thoughts…

The CTRL company have developed a revolutionary artificial intelligence golf instructor that can help each and every one of us improve our swing. Based on our training testing we found that all testers improved consistency in swing path, club face, and tempo on the first day. On subsequent days the consistency increased furthermore for all golfers. We believe CTRL’s success has to due with; how they approach practice. The more swings you make, the more precise the feedback becomes. This leads to sustained rapid improvement with room to fine-tune it even more. As the great Vince Lombardi said “practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. Make your practice perfect with CTRL!


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10 Reviewer


-Easy to set up
-Increases distance
-Works for both right and left-handed golfers
-Can be used while hitting balls
-Fits on your own club
-Different sizes and colors available
-Device is light weight
-Can be used by different levels of golfers (amateurs to pros)


-Golfers should have the basic fundamentals for their golf swing in order for this aid to be helpful

What is it?

Aeroswing is a speed training device that uses the wind to add resistance. The round plastic device has beveled holes reminiscent of 1920’s tin graters. The hole cut outs hit the wind in a way that builds resistance; maximizing tension right before ball impact.



We put the Aero-Swing to the test with 10 golfers over a 6 week period following the Aero-Swings Adult training programs. Based on the programs we divided the golfers in the appropriate swing speed groups. The idea is as your swing speed increases, you can graduate to the next level swing speed group. Each golfers session was completed in around 35 minutes. Below we include a video of a typical training session with an Aero-Swing device.

Example of Aero-Swing training.

Tester 1Tester 2Tester 3Tester 4Tester 5Tester 6Tester 7Tester 8
Baseline Swing speed (mph)6372859194106114120
Average Driver Distance (yards)145170190210245270290302
Total Increase after 6 weeks (mph)70819399103111118126
New Average Driver Distance (yards)165188205248256282298310

My concluding thoughts…

We were blown away, pun intended by how effective the Aero-swing was in increasing swing speeds. All testers swing speeds increased; high and low swing speed players saw comparable percentage increases. Unlike other weighted speed training aids the Aero-Swing design is unique, the hole cut outs hit the wind in a way that builds resistance; maximizing tension right before ball impact; then lightening up after release. Weighted clubs more often than not, throw the whole swing sequence out of whack. Resistance in the right places stabilizes segments of the swing very well, which adds to the whole fluidity of the motion, swinging in a very efficient sequence. Based on our research this new innovative speed training will undoubtedly advance your golf game to the next level!


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9.3 Reviewer


-Versatile tool that can be used to train many aspects of the swing
-Great value for the price
-Easy to set up
-Works for both right and left-handed golfers
-Can be used indoors and outdoors
-Great if you know specifically what you need to work on in your swing
-Good tool for golf instructors


-Its made out of a thick water-resistant cardboard box. (Longevity will depend on the user)
-Lack of videos explaining how to self diagnosis swing faults and accompanying drills.

What is it?

The GOLFBOKS is a golf practice station you can assemble in various ways to address numerous swing faults. It helps cement static basics ranging from ball position, stance width and alignment to swing direction, plane and low point control. It can even address advanced aspects such as lower body motion (sway vs slide) and head movement. Furthermore it can be used to work on speed control with your putter and can act as a putting plane board.



The GOLFBOKS sets up the same tried-and-true drills successful golfers have used for years. We asked some open ended questions (What did you think of the GOLFBOKS?) however mainly focused on testing the durability. We setup the the drills shown in the above video and had six testers of various handicaps practice at each station for 15 minutes. Even with errand hits on the carboard material, the GOLFBOKS was surprisingly robust. When assessing open ended surveys, we try to see the big picture; did majority like or dislike the product?; and was there any big consensus. The testers overwhelmingly enjoyed using the product. Big picture wise, testers stated the aid was easy to use however the trouble lies in being able to self diagnose your swing. You will need to be able to know what is wrong in your swing and also be able to pick out a drill that can help fix the problem.

My concluding thoughts…

We really enjoyed using the GOLFBOKS. This swing aid has a lot to offer including its versatility, portability, ease of use, and allowing golfers the leisure to practice golf anywhere, anytime. The effectiveness will depend on, how well you are able to diagnose your swing faults. If you can’t figure out your swing fault, you obviously won’t be able to fix it. It would be beneficial if the GOLFBOKS made a video series that teaches golfers on how to self diagnose their swings, and perhaps a booklet full of drills.  Overall, the GOLFBOKS is a keeper and a must try for all golfers. We will definitely be using this aid on a regular basis during practice!!!


The Golf Boks website
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Divot Board

Divot Board
10 Reviewer


-Easy to set up and simple to use
-Works for both right and left-handed golfers
-Improves ball striking
-Interpret ball flight and strike quality by reading your divot
-Can be used indoors or outdoors
-Can be used with or without a ball
-Perfect gift for the Holidays



What is it?

If you have ever bought one of those sequence pillows for a young person in your life you know when you swipe the sequence in one direction it changes the look. Swipe it back the other way and you have a fresh slate to draw on. The Divot board applies the same concept brilliantly to golf practice. The sequins which are stitched into the hitting board will change color as you make contact with the board. This shows you clearly where your club is hitting the ground in relation to the ball.


We put the Divot board to the test by performing 3 days of testing. Day one we simply had the testers play 18 holes. On day two we had them use the divot board on the range for 20 min prior to playing 18 holes. The testers then took the divot board home and practiced for 2 weeks for a minimum of 3 days per week. On the last day we played the same course a third time.

GolfersTester #1Tester #2Tester #3Tester #4Tester #5Tester #6Tester #7Tester #8
Round 1 (Baseline 18 hole)12084781057613088107
Round 2 (20 Min prior to 18 holes)115828098751408396
Strokes + or –-5-2+2-7-1+10-5-11
Round 3 ( 2 weeks of Divot board practice)105817695751208394
Strokes + or –-10-1-4-30-200-2
Total + or –-15-3-4-10-1-20-5-13
% Improvement12.5%4%3%10%1.3%8%6%12%
Testing By


We found that the Divot board helps enhance awareness of the low point of your swing for greater accuracy. Based on our testing we found that all eight testers handicap’s decreased when practicing with the divot board. The board was effective in the short term however the benefits of using the device on a regular basis showed a greater decrease in scores. Unlike other golf training aids the Divot board was incredible effective at translating practice to play on the course. This was a short term study and it would be interesting to see how golfers can benefit from the Divot board with long term use.

My concluding thoughts…

We were blown away by how effective the board was in lowering handicaps. All testers handicaps decreased; High handicappers saw the biggest decrease between 8%-12.5% whereas lower handicappers improvement was in the range of 1.3-8%. We believe this could be for two reasons. One, the Divot board works on the most important aspect in the golf swing which is low point control. Two, it taught the golfers to read divots which aided in on course swing adjustments. Whatever the reason for the improvement; the feedback that the Divot Board golf swing trainer provides will undoubtedly advance your golf game to the next level!


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BallRescue Golf Ball Retriever

Ball Rescue
9.4 Reviewer


-Quickly attaches to the FLAGSTICK or GOLF CLUB
-Compact: Discreetly fits into the side pocket of your golf bag
-Easy to set up and simple to use
-Clever alternative to traditional Pole golf ball retrievers
-Cost effective $12.99 – Rescue 3 balls and it pays for itself – Rescue 4 or more and you’re making money!
-Perfect gift for the Holidays
-Scoop designs works best for soft mud  


-Golf flagstick are at least 7 feet tall which limits reach, some traditional Pole golf ball retrievers can reach up to 14 feet
-Flagstick’s are not always available and your golf club might be too short

What is it?

As the game of golf continues to grow worldwide, there are more and more selections of just about anything golf related. From hundreds of grip options, tons of club manufacturers, and nearly an endless amount of accessories. Retrievers are no different as there are all kinds of options for golfers to choose from. The majority of retrievers consist of a traditional telescopic pole coupled with a grabbing/scooping mechanism. However there is no good idea that cannot be improved on. The Ball Rescue
is an out-of-the box ultra compact golf retriever without a telescopic pole. The base of the scoop comes with a unique design that enables the golfer to attach a golf club or flagpole mimicking a traditional telescopic pole.


We put the Ball Rescue retriever to the test by performing 3 days of testing. Day one the testers took the device on the course for 18 holes unfortunately only a few golfers hit it in the drink. On day two we changed up our approach and added some beers to increase our likelihood of errand shots which had unintendedly consequences of the group playing even better. With testing not going as expected we ended up grabbing a few range buckets and had the testers chip into three different scenarios; water, muddy conditions and the bush. With our testing we wanted to find out two things. One, does the scooper design tightly secure the ball for easy retrieval in different conditions? Two, how secure is the unique flagstick attachment design and how far can it reach.


The scoop design was effective at grabbing the balls from all three conditions and especially well in soft mud. The unique attachment design securely fastened the flagstick and or golf club. Using a 45 inch driver and a standard flagpole that measured 7 feet in length; we where able to retrieve a high percentage of balls. Obviously the longer the shaft the higher chance at retrieving your ball however you probably wont reach the one in the middle of the lake.

My concluding thoughts…

Even great golfers are not immune to losing a few balls in the drink from time to time. That’s where the humble golf ball retriever comes in to its own. The problem is most retrievers are bulky and take up too much space in a golf bag. The Ball Rescue design is not only effective at retrieving balls but does it in a sleek compact fashion. Overall, the Ball Rescue retriever is a keeper and a must try for all golfers.


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