BallRescue Golf Ball Retriever

Ball Rescue
9.4 Reviewer


-Quickly attaches to the FLAGSTICK or GOLF CLUB
-Compact: Discreetly fits into the side pocket of your golf bag
-Easy to set up and simple to use
-Clever alternative to traditional Pole golf ball retrievers
-Cost effective $12.99 – Rescue 3 balls and it pays for itself – Rescue 4 or more and you’re making money!
-Perfect gift for the Holidays
-Scoop designs works best for soft mud  


-Golf flagstick are at least 7 feet tall which limits reach, some traditional Pole golf ball retrievers can reach up to 14 feet
-Flagstick’s are not always available and your golf club might be too short

What is it?

As the game of golf continues to grow worldwide, there are more and more selections of just about anything golf related. From hundreds of grip options, tons of club manufacturers, and nearly an endless amount of accessories. Retrievers are no different as there are all kinds of options for golfers to choose from. The majority of retrievers consist of a traditional telescopic pole coupled with a grabbing/scooping mechanism. However there is no good idea that cannot be improved on. The Ball Rescue
is an out-of-the box ultra compact golf retriever without a telescopic pole. The base of the scoop comes with a unique design that enables the golfer to attach a golf club or flagpole mimicking a traditional telescopic pole.


We put the Ball Rescue retriever to the test by performing 3 days of testing. Day one the testers took the device on the course for 18 holes unfortunately only a few golfers hit it in the drink. On day two we changed up our approach and added some beers to increase our likelihood of errand shots which had unintendedly consequences of the group playing even better. With testing not going as expected we ended up grabbing a few range buckets and had the testers chip into three different scenarios; water, muddy conditions and the bush. With our testing we wanted to find out two things. One, does the scooper design tightly secure the ball for easy retrieval in different conditions? Two, how secure is the unique flagstick attachment design and how far can it reach.


The scoop design was effective at grabbing the balls from all three conditions and especially well in soft mud. The unique attachment design securely fastened the flagstick and or golf club. Using a 45 inch driver and a standard flagpole that measured 7 feet in length; we where able to retrieve a high percentage of balls. Obviously the longer the shaft the higher chance at retrieving your ball however you probably wont reach the one in the middle of the lake.

My concluding thoughts…

Even great golfers are not immune to losing a few balls in the drink from time to time. That’s where the humble golf ball retriever comes in to its own. The problem is most retrievers are bulky and take up too much space in a golf bag. The Ball Rescue design is not only effective at retrieving balls but does it in a sleek compact fashion. Overall, the Ball Rescue retriever is a keeper and a must try for all golfers.


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Lock-in Golf Grip

Hitting unwanted slices or hooks? Having problems hitting off the ground? Unable to consistently hit it long? Chances are you are gripping the club incorrectly and making an improper wrist hinge. The Lock-in Golf Grip bio mechanically sets your hands correctly on the grip and teaches the proper wrist hinge like the pros. Gripping the club incorrectly creates other bad body compensations throughout the golf swing and become difficult habits to break. Get the Lock-in Golf Grip and create the correct muscle memory. Set it to the recommended setting and adjust if needed. Find what works best for you then lock it in!

Featured at the 2019 PGA Merchandise show, the Lock-in Golf Grip Training System teaches proper wrist hinge, and forces correct hand placement to give you the perfect swing.
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By Tony Ianazone

Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf is a smart coach training system. The sensor attaches onto your glove and connects wireless to your smartphone. With a few swings Zepp will evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing.

Zepp Golf Features:
1. 3D SWING ANALYSIS: Measure the most important aspects of your swing: club speed, club plane, tempo, back swing length and more
2. INSTANT EVALUATION: Receive analysis and evaluations geared to help you focus your training
3. SMART COACH: Personalized video training programs from PGA/LPGA Players and Tour Instructors
4. COURSE MODE: Course Mode measures your full swings on the golf course. Compare metrics and consistency from round to round and course to range

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Vari-Break Putting Mat by SKLZ

10 ft. long and 3 ft. wide with true-roll surface and adjustable breaks, this putting green simulates on-course conditions.

It includes:
1. Two foam wedges that contour the green to create the breaks found on the course.
2. A Putt Pocket that reduces the cup’s size to help you build more precise aiming and alignment. It also makes the cups out on the course look bigger, which helps you make more putts.

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