The ZoomTee is aerodynamically designed for driving distance. By measuring the air travel using a computer animated directional wind tunnel, they found that having the grooves in the tee increased the ball speed as the pocket of air traveled in front of the golf club at impact, thus making the ball turn forward for the ultimate driving distance.

ZoomTee features:  

  • The platform shape with a slotted cup allows the golf ball to sit up for less friction at impact.
  • Height guide for perfect sweet-spot alignment on every drive.
  • Constructed from a durable, green keeper friendly material. 
  • The blade was designed for repairing ball marks and cleaning iron grooves.
  • Available in 5 hard to lose colors red, white, blue, yellow & now pink
  • With a unique flat spot these tees are ideal for custom printing to advertise and promote your business or golf event.
  • New graphic printed USA themed ZoomTees 

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Zoom Tee Website
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