Tiger Woods has electrified golf the way Michael Jordan did basketball and Wayne Gretzky did hockey. In The Tiger Woods Way, GOLF Magazine’s former senior editor of instruction, John Andrisani, shares his analysis of Tiger’s flawless swing technique to help golfers of all levels learn how to increase their driving distances and improve their games. Drawing from his independent study and analysis of Tiger’s game, John Andrisani offers detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on Tiger Woods’ swing in four simple chapters:

1) Getting Ready for Action: Explains Tiger’s unique setup position, which borrows key elements from Jack Nicklaus’ and Ben Hogan’s own techniques.

2) Building Power: Shows you how to increase the resistance between your upper and lower body to help you make Tiger’s powerful takeaway action your own.

3) Unleashing Power: Outlines Tiger’s ideal impact body-and-club position to enable you to hit solid shots consistently.

4) Iron Power: Reveals the fundamentals of Tiger’s iron swing to allow you to hit the ball stiff to the flag.
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The tiger Woods Way: Secrets of Tiger Woods power-swing technique

The Tiger Woods Way: Secrets of Tiger Woods’ Power-swing Technique

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