Before Dr. Bob Rotella made tweaking a golfer’s head as important as tweaking his swing. Tim Gallwey who knew virtually nothing about the mechanics of golf when he wrote his work, he understood that even the best technique collapses when the mind cracks under pressure. Gallwey’s insight into the game was that a golfer’s mind is also his worst enemy; too much thinking only gets in the way. This book preaches such “Inner Game” fundamentals as trust, concentration, visualization, feel, relaxation and is full of what Gallwey calls “awareness exercises.” Much of what he has to say seems obvious in a world in which most good athletes have some kind of psychological guru always at the ready to help improve performance, but Gallwey, with his bagful of anecdotes and encouragement, was one of the first to explore this uncharted territory, and still remains one of the most readable.
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The Inner Game of Golf by Timothy Gallwey