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-Versatile tool that can be used to train many aspects of the swing
-Great value for the price
-Easy to set up
-Works for both right and left-handed golfers
-Can be used indoors and outdoors
-Great if you know specifically what you need to work on in your swing
-Good tool for golf instructors


-Its made out of a thick water-resistant cardboard box. (Longevity will depend on the user)
-Lack of videos explaining how to self diagnosis swing faults and accompanying drills.

What is it?

The GOLFBOKS is a golf practice station you can assemble in various ways to address numerous swing faults. It helps cement static basics ranging from ball position, stance width and alignment to swing direction, plane and low point control. It can even address advanced aspects such as lower body motion (sway vs slide) and head movement. Furthermore it can be used to work on speed control with your putter and can act as a putting plane board.



The GOLFBOKS sets up the same tried-and-true drills successful golfers have used for years. We asked some open ended questions (What did you think of the GOLFBOKS?) however mainly focused on testing the durability. We setup the the drills shown in the above video and had six testers of various handicaps practice at each station for 15 minutes. Even with errand hits on the carboard material, the GOLFBOKS was surprisingly robust. When assessing open ended surveys, we try to see the big picture; did majority like or dislike the product?; and was there any big consensus. The testers overwhelmingly enjoyed using the product. Big picture wise, testers stated the aid was easy to use however the trouble lies in being able to self diagnose your swing. You will need to be able to know what is wrong in your swing and also be able to pick out a drill that can help fix the problem.

My concluding thoughts…

We really enjoyed using the GOLFBOKS. This swing aid has a lot to offer including its versatility, portability, ease of use, and allowing golfers the leisure to practice golf anywhere, anytime. The effectiveness will depend on, how well you are able to diagnose your swing faults. If you can’t figure out your swing fault, you obviously won’t be able to fix it. It would be beneficial if the GOLFBOKS made a video series that teaches golfers on how to self diagnose their swings, and perhaps a booklet full of drills.  Overall, the GOLFBOKS is a keeper and a must try for all golfers. We will definitely be using this aid on a regular basis during practice!!!


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