I am excited to dive into reading this book I just received from Paul Meyer, Thanks Paul!

Back cover synopsis:
Are you a “complete golfer”? Do you want to reach your true golf potential? Whether you are an accomplished player or a weekend warrior, “The Complete Golfer” will improve your game. This book will get you thinking and contemplating about your golf in thought, practice, and playing. It will take you from the thinking stage to the action stage of realizing your golf potential. This workbook format is interactive, allowing you space to note, write, and answer questions posed by the author as they relate to you and your golf. You don’t just read this book; you work with the book! “The Complete Golfer” talks theory and philosophy but also provides proven drills and methodology, along with practice plans, data sheets, and games that will make you a better player and increase your enjoyment for the game! It is a no nonsense, easy reading guide to better golf. “The Complete Golfer” will take you through the mental and physical, the tangible and intangible keys to better golf. Use this book and become the “complete golfer” you always wanted to be!

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The Complete Golfer: Reaching Your Ultimate Golf Potential by Paul Meyer