Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid $23.56
4.5 Reviewer


-Easy to install
-Good Feedback on face angle thru the swing
-Has received a large number of generally positive reviews from users
-Easy to use
-Works great if you are specifically want to train a square clubface at the top, or shorten your backswing


-A bit tedious to switch between clubs
-Not a comprehensive training aid
-Might break if your taking full swings
-Could easily just look at the face of club


The Swingyde is a small plastic device that attaches to your golf club and trains your wrist hinge and face alignment throughout your swing.


The Swingyde is a lightweight piece of plastic. One end clamps onto your clubshaft and the other end angles up towards your wrists. The end near your wrists has a “C” shape that cradles your forearm. Once properly in place, you take swings with the club – partial, full, or hitting balls – and the cradle end provides feedback on your swing plane and club face angle. The Swingyde comes with a DVD that shows you how to install and use the training aid. It’s straightforward, but one potential downside is that you have to manually screw it onto your club’s shaft to use it. This can make practicing with multiple clubs a bit tedious. The device itself is lightweight and easy to use. It will fit nicely in most golf bags, and it works for both righties and lefties.

Ease of Use:

You have to understand what positions you are trying to achieve with the swing guide for it to be effective.


It is effective in giving you feedback on where your clubface is during the swing. It is your knowledge of what you are trying to achieve and practice that are going to improve your game. But I definitely believe that this swing aid alone will not improve your swing, instruction and other aids are required. This is because this aid fixes a small part of your swing and just going thru the motions is not going to achieve a connection between your upper body and arms for a body propelled swing.


I used the aid for a few months and it did what its supposed to achieve a square clubface at the top. But when you look at pro golfers like Dustin Johnson, Jim Furyk their clubface’s are not square at the top, it is more important spending your money for aids that work on squaring your clubface at impact. SO yes it squared my face at the top but in no way did it improve my ball flight or position that matters at the bottom.

Cheaper options:

Buy a golf instruction book and check your positions in the mirror. Or go on youtube there is plenty of information on golf positions.
Golf Tips- Jim McLean Impact Lesson
The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Swingyde Clubface Control and Chicken Wing(this a youtube video showing the swingyde being used, listen & watch so you can copy the moves in the video. you don’t need to buy it that way)

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