SwingLync is an innovative wearable swing training technology that brings real-time body positioning analysis to everyday golfers through a customized mobile app.

It measures the 4 most critical elements of an effective golf swing:

1. Shoulder rotation
2. Hip rotation
3. Spine angle
4. Pelvic angle

These elements are foundational to a powerful and consistent golf swing.

This aid uses 3 tiny sensors fixed to your back, waist and wrist to measure your body positioning during the swing, instantly sending data to your smartphone after every swing. Your body positioning data is compared to the ideal target positions at the most important moments of the swing – setup, top, impact, and finish.

SwingLync will be available September 6 for pre-order through Kickstarter. Pricing will start at
$179 for the entire system and accessories, with limited quantities available. The suggested retail price after Kickstarter will be $299.

Nick Mahowald the creator of SwingLync stated “Everyday golfers have struggled with their swing flaws for far too long, our team is on a mission to change that.”

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