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-CTRL is the first of its kind artificial intelligence golf instructor—It learns how you already swing and then gives you tips to improve your swing.
-Uses simple graphics and plain English like “slow down your backswing” to help you pinpoint exactly what needs to be adjusted.
-CTRL’s feedback is made to be understood by everyone—first-timers, regular golfers and pros.
-Provides feedback on the 3 most important aspects of your golf swing: tempo, club face and club path.
-Easy to set up and use
-Can be used with and without a ball, indoors and outdoors, and saves and evaluates your consistency of perfect swings, your top fixes, and your most & least consistent clubs.
-Tracks your consistency and improvement over time with data and charts that show per session stats, the difference between various sessions and your improvement with different swings and clubs.
-It works for both Android and iOS.
-Good Quality sensors and sleeve


-Proper Sleeve fit (We suggest purchasing one size below CTRL chart recommendation)

What is it?

CTRL is the first of its kind artificial intelligence golf instructor. Its eyes consist of 2 sensors placed on your lead arm. After ten swings the app’s AI/brain analyzes and pinpoints deficiencies in yours swing and gives suggestions on how to improve.



We put the CTRL to the test by performing 3 days of testing with 5 golfers. We had each golfer first watch the above setup video. After using the device for 30-45 min they filled out our questionnaire covering setup, effectiveness, longevity, etc.. On the subsequent days we had each golfer work on training with the device and tracked their progress.

Questionnaire Results:

What did you think of CTRL?
-“Great device, makes practice purposeful”
-” Wow, this is crazy. its like having a golf instructor in your pocket”
-” This is the future of golf Practice”
-” I like how it shows you after every swing what you need to do, speed up your backswing, close your clubface”
-” I don’t like pulling out my phone when practicing cause it gets me out of my groove, It is convenient that the app reads out loud the feedback after every swing”

Set-up (1-10/ 10 being the easiest):
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“The app and sensors connections was quick and easy”
-“I like how you just tap the sensors to turn them on”
-“The magnetic connection where the sensors snap on the sleeve is neat”

Ease of use: (1-10/ 10 being the easiest):
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“Just connect and swing”
-” The app is easy to navigate”
-“The app registered every swing, connection works well”

CTRL Quality (1-10/ 10 being highest quality)
-5 testers commented “10/10”
-“Similar quality as apple products”
-“Looks fancy and expensive”
-“The pyramid base design is really sleek”

What do you think about the CTRL’s feedback ?
-“Super easy to understand”
-“I am a visual person, the simple graphics where a big plus for me”
-“I love how it just focuses on the important stuff, club face, path and tempo.”
-“With life being busy I don’t always have time to hit the range, Its really beneficial for me that I don’t have to hit a ball to get the feedback.”

What would make CTRL better?
-“The sleeve fit was a little loose at the top of the arm, adding an adjustable strap would be beneficial”
-” It would be fun if there where some more games in the app.”
-“The feedback is great but sometimes its hard to know how to fix your flaw, having links to instructional videos might help”

Did CTRL improve your swing on the first session?
-5 testers commented “yes”
-“Yes, this technology is amazing. You see improvements every swing! “
-”Man this is revolutionary, you see improvements on the first day”

Would you keep using the device and incorporate into your regular practice?
-5 testers commented “yes”

Based on your opinion is the price reasonable (too expensive/ cheap just right?)
-“It’s a bargain for what it does”
-“its on the more expensive side, but its an amazing product, worth the money”

Would you recommend this device to others?
-5 testers commented “yes”
-This Device will make learning golf easier for everyone

My concluding thoughts…

The CTRL company have developed a revolutionary artificial intelligence golf instructor that can help each and every one of us improve our swing. Based on our training testing we found that all testers improved consistency in swing path, club face, and tempo on the first day. On subsequent days the consistency increased furthermore for all golfers. We believe CTRL’s success has to due with; how they approach practice. The more swings you make, the more precise the feedback becomes. This leads to sustained rapid improvement with room to fine-tune it even more. As the great Vince Lombardi said “practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. Make your practice perfect with CTRL!


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