Every golfer knows that the key to gaining yardage through the bag is by building a stronger core, which leads to a more balanced and powerful swing. Enter the StrongBoard, which harks back to those spring loaded playground animals we’d ride as kids. Four large springs are mounted on a platform, and atop the springs is the strong board itself. Just getting centered on your two feet is a chore at first, but with some practice you’ll find yourself moving through the included, recommended full, upper and lower body exercise sets – push-ups, squat-lunges, bridges, mountain climbers and yoga poses. The StrongBoard is built for anyone looking to improve muscle strength and overall posture, but for golfers who struggle with staying centered and balanced from address to follow-through, it’s especially good. Below is a video featuring teaching pro Doug Hendricks that shows how to get to the point where you’re swinging in perfect balance…. on one foot! (Referance: www.golftipsmag.com winter 2016)
Click here for more info: StrongBoard Balance

Improve Your Golf Swing with StrongBoard

StrongBoard Balance

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