MAX Release Golf Training Aid

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  • The "Max Release" Golf training aid will train your arms, wrist and hands; how to move properly in the golf swing. You will finally learn how to release the golf club!
  • For eight years we have helped golfers make educated purchases by providing research-based golf training aid reviews.
  • Professional golfer's vary in setup, grip and ball flight; the only thing that unites them is the release.
  • During our testing we have discovered a way to teach the most important aspect of the golf swing, the release.
  • We are excited to release our golf training aid that will revolutionize the golf industry forever.
  • Fix your impact, fix your golf swing and add more distance, more speed & more consistency with the MAX Release.
  • Our ultimate goal is to lower the worlds handicap so everyone can enjoy the great game of golf.

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MAX Release Golf Training Aid