The Smart Golf club is the world’s first swing analyzer and practice club with built-in sensors all in one device, that allows players to practice their swing anytime and anywhere. At home, in your office, or even at your favorite bar! The app follows and analyzes your swing and offers coaching advice. The Smart Golf club has 9-axis sensors including gyrometer & accelerometer sensors built-in, which track the club’s movement and measure every detail of the golf swing precisely. This data is collected and transferred with the club’s very own Wi-Fi transmitter to the Smart Golf App. In the App, the swing data is displayed and visualized through a 3D customization avatar, providing a golf training experience. The Smart club fully measures the swing, including the maximum club speed and face movement through the impact zone and even provides you an impact analysis function, which shows you every detail of your face and path angle. Therefore, SMARTGOLF users will get a better understanding on their swing mechanism and what exactly is happening on the impact point. Unlike other mobile swing trainer and analyzer, the Smart Golf App also transforms the Smart club into a golf simulator by allowing users to play on realistic golf courses in its game mode. SMARTGOLF users are able to connect the club to all available Smart devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC) and watch their swing on the company’s App (available for iOS, Android & Windows).
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Smart Golf club: The next level of swing trainer




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