The SSR Training Brace (Simple Swing Repeater) is designed to keep the angle formed between the lead arm and shaft at address the same throughout the swing (maintains the address ulnar deviation).

(Note: There can be some flexion in the wrist movement but minimal)

You might be wondering with the wrist being restricted, does the device allow for the proper ulnar deviation, flexion and supination in the wrist at impact to produce “trailing” or “following” of the club head behind the hands aka lag? 

The SSR creator Pete Buchanan’s swing philosophy is different from the status quo because lag is something he doesn’t recommend. In his 16 years with John Jacobs School researching and watching tens of thousands of swings. Pete believes big changes in ulnar/radial deviation cause impact problems.

Pete Buchanan ” I have found that what I teach now is not only more simple – it is repeatable.”

Click here for more info: Simple Swing Repeater Website

Simple Swing Repeater

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