Trains your hands to maximize club lag for power and consistency. Provide feedback when your wrist is fully cocked. Everyone wants to drive the golf ball farther and straighter. So how do you accomplish this? The answer lies in creating proper club lag in your golf swing! This is what the good players and pros of the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours do to hit the golf ball so far and straight.
It is important that you take some time to develop a good understanding and learn the difference between wrist hinge and wrist pronation.
Wrist Hinge (Right Hand): Wrist hinge is when you move your wrist side ways. The human wrist only hinges 23 degrees.
Wrist Pronation (Right Hand) : Wrist Pronation happens when you cup your wrist. The human wrist can cup 90+ degrees. The wrist cup action is necessary in order to get your club starting on a proper plane in both the back swing and down swing. At the top of the swing the right hand wrist pronation helps you get your right hand under the shaft, thus the club stays on a correct plane angle.
PowerLag Pro is designed to help you develop proper wrist hinge and pronation of the wrist.
– Promotes Lag for Power
– Fixes Slice and Over the Top Move
– Prevents Casting of the Club

Power Lag Pro