Poly Max Extremes FAQ’S

Q. How does it work?

PME’s remove up to 1,000 rpm’s from your drive. Less back spin means more ground roll forward on all drives.

Q. How are Poly Max Extremes applied?
PME’s come in a fast peel n stick application,and remove easily. Its also recommended to remove them after a few rounds of golf and replaced with a fresh new PME.

Q. Do Poly Max fall off after striking a ball?
No Poly Max Extremes remain on till you remove them.

Q. I notice Fantastic distance right away while using Poly Max, How does such a thin material work so well?
PME’s were designed to work together with the sweet spot of your clubs, The Poly Max Extreme material, is trade secretely formulated for extreme cushioning and even distribution for a faster rebound every time.

Q. I’ve had great success using Poly Max, but find they work the best on my driver, do you make them for putters also?
PME’s were designed for drivers and fairway woods but can also be used on Irons as well, a little trimming may be needed. We don’t make them for putters because nobody needs a long hitting putter.

Q. Do Poly Max come in different colors like Wrap-Guard?
No PME’s come in a discreet clear so that no distractions or attention is drawn to your clubs.

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Poly Max Extremes

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