Hitting unwanted slices or hooks? Having problems hitting off the ground? Unable to consistently hit it long? Chances are you are gripping the club incorrectly and making an improper wrist hinge. The Lock-in Golf Grip bio mechanically sets your hands correctly on the grip and teaches the proper wrist hinge like the pros. Gripping the club incorrectly creates other bad body compensations throughout the golf swing and become difficult habits to break. Get the Lock-in Golf Grip and create the correct muscle memory. Set it to the recommended setting and adjust if needed. Find what works best for you then lock it in!

Featured at the 2019 PGA Merchandise show, the Lock-in Golf Grip Training System teaches proper wrist hinge, and forces correct hand placement to give you the perfect swing.
Click here for info: lockingolfgrip.com 
By Tony Ianazone

Lock-in Golf Grip
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2 thoughts on “Lock-in Golf Grip

  • I have one of these and it really helps me with the placement of my left hand on the club wich produces a better swing through the ball. I also like that I can adjust it to hit fades and draws.

  • My name is Maurice Hurst I’m a former NFL football player and I would like to say that this is the most complete training aid any amateur or season golfer could use to perfect their golf swing. The ease of use for an amateur. And the feed back for correcting a swing flaw for good players I can’t play without warning up with lockingolfgrip.

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