The Swing Buddy provides visual feedback on the initial starting direction of the golf ball. It does not determine/provide feedback on the amount of curvature (hook or slice spin) which is determined by club path relative to club face.

Inventors Instructions
“The purpose for the Inline golf Swing Buddy is to keep your swing inline at all times by hitting the golf ball through the fence every time you set it up. The Swing Buddy keeps your golf ball at center mass in flight. You should hit the golf ball through the fence center mass each time. The large inline arrow stays in the down position and points towards the green at all times.  You must hit the golf ball through the fence at all times. “

Inventors Directions
“You must first unfold the steel legs and lock the device into place. Place the Swing Buddy one inch in front of a golf ball. Slide out the one inch marker underneath the body of the device with the inline arrow pointing toward the green. Push down slightly with the foot and make sure it is level to the soil below the golf ball. This system can be used with or without a tee. Raise all flat arrows in the upward position except the inline arrow it stays down at all times; they will snap in place. You are now ready to hit the golf ball with the swing buddy. Your swing should come from 90′ degrees to 0′ degrees keeping your swing inline with the arrow pointing toward the green. Check your swing and make corrections using the swing buddy arrows and markings.”

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Inline Golf Swing Buddy