Inspired by his wife’s difficulty to remember how to grip a golf club like he had shown her, 2011 Comeback Player of the Champions Tour Chip Beck developed Grip Guides to help players of all levels and aptitudes. Motivated when he was younger by golfers like Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus, Chip listened when they talked about the perfect grip. They both had it, but they had trouble putting it all into words. Now that computer science has progressed throughout the years, Chip has been able to figure out that thumb placement is a vital component for how you will swing the club. Simply tweaking the thumb’s position from a 12 o’clock placement to the backside of the shaft allows for better use of the arm muscles. This ensures that less compensation will be needed, regardless of the shot.

Having recognized the key to a great grip, the next step was perfecting it with every shot. Chip developed a way for golfers to instantly figure out if they are holding the club correctly. Called Grip Guides, this easy-to-use tool can be placed on any club to enable even novice players to swing like a pro.

Using adhesive strips with thermo-chromatic ink, pressure points will be displayed using the heat from the player’s hand so they can identify if their grip is on target with the built-in finger guides. It’s the next best thing to having an actual PGA player there to show you how it’s done. Grip Guides will stay activated for up to three months, allowing players plenty of time to model their own grip after Chip Beck’s.
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Grip Guides for the Perfect Grip Every Time