Any NFL fan worth his beer and nachos remembers Fred Biletnikoff, wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders in their 1970s heyday, who put so much sticky stuff on his hands that the ball would nearly have to be pried away with a crowbar. NFL tight end Matt Furstenburg, who’s also an avid golfer, took that legend’s method to heart when he came up with Grip Boost, a tacky spray that keeps your glove and grip from getting slippery under weather conditions, no matter how sweaty you get. After all, the key to golf is a consistent shot, and the key to a consistent shot is a good grip. We’ve all let our grips get too worn before replacing them, which, of course, means tightening the hands and losing feel and power. A quick spray of this stuff takes care of that problem no matter how new or old your grips are.
(referance: winter 2016)
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Grip Boost Sports and Science
Grip Boost Golf Spray

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