Ask yourself these questions. Do you really know your golf game? Do you know which strokes and clubs you control the ball with consistently? Most people talk about how far they hit the ball. Very rarely do you hear them speak about how well they controlled the ball, how many times they hit the fairway or how many putts they had. You might say practice harder, that is the only way you win! But what should you practice? Grip, posture, irons, woods, putts, chips, bunkers? The list is endless. I encourage you to learn and improve by targeting your weaknesses and supervising your practice. My advice to anyone is to keep record of your game. How many fairways and greens you hit, how many shots you take to get the ball into the hole from a bunker, and how many putts you take for 18 holes. By providing a clear record of your games, you can pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses. In short this is what the book talks about.
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Golf Record Book by Andrew La Brooy