“The arc described by the head of a golf club is governed by the length of the shaft and the extent of the player’s left arm. The club head travels on an oblique plane, in parallel with the line of play. Any irregularity in the plane, or deviation from the line interferes with the rhythm of the swing and spoils the accuracy of the stroke . . .
‘How do I hit it?’ The answer being, she does not hit the ball, the function is performed by the club head. The less the player knows and thinks about what is happening during the swing, the better are her chances of permitting the operative end of the club to fulfill its task. In order to let the club head do the work, it must be allowed to lead. When it is swung properly the player is not conscious of what is happening to her hands, arms, shoulders, hips, knees, or feet, their movements being blended into the rhythm of the stroke. The perfectly timed swing is effortless, but it defies dissection. Taken apart it becomes an assortment of ill-matched components.”
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Enid Wilson, “Function of the Club – Swings and Styles” In Secrets of the Golfing Greats, Edited by Tom Scott (1965)