DynAlign is a dynamic pre-shot alignment technique founded and developed by Craig Foster that can be applied to all golf shots, from putting to full shots, to give golfers increased control of the clubface/path relationship at impact. He has 30+ years as a professional clubmaker, including 10 years as head of the Northwest U.S. factory authorized repair center for the original Ben Hogan Co.

In 2010 Craig became a putting coach for PGA Tour player Steve Elkington, which resulted in two #1 rankings for putting in 2011 on the PGA Tour.
Putts inside 5′: 98.32%, 595 attempts, 585 putts made.
Putting from 3′: 100%, 592 attempts, 592 putts made.

We had a chance to interview the mastermind behind DynAlign. Enjoy the podcast!

Demonstration videos are available in the video vault at SECRET GOLF and Craig Foster on YouTube.  (I have also included 2 videos below)
Click here for more info: DynAlign Golf

DynAlign Golf

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