DIVOT DOG Functions:
1. Divot Tool 2. Range Finder 3. Spike Wrench 4. Groove Cleaner 5. Three Inch Ruler 6. Bottle Opener 7. Flat Head Screwdriver 8. 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver 9. Four Position Tee Depth Set 10. Nail File (In shape of tee on back) 11. Golf Club Prop 12. Plastic Ball Marker Holder 13. Golf Ball Straight Line Marking Guide 14. Box/Envelope Opener 15. Key Ring/Lanyard Hole Size Of Tee 16. Cigarette Holder 17. Cigar Holder (with tee) 18. Golf Hole Compass 19. Pry bar 20. Orange Peel Starter 21. Can Opener 22. Can Punch/Vent Opener 23. Butterfly Wrench 24. Straight Edge
Click here for more info: New DIVOT DOG: Multi-Functional Golf Divot Tool

The Divot Dog: Multi-Function Golf Divot Tool (24+ Functions!)

DIVOT DOG: Multi-Functional Golf Divot Tool

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