Divot Board
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-Easy to set up and simple to use
-Works for both right and left-handed golfers
-Improves ball striking
-Interpret ball flight and strike quality by reading your divot
-Can be used indoors or outdoors
-Can be used with or without a ball
-Perfect gift for the Holidays



What is it?

If you have ever bought one of those sequence pillows for a young person in your life you know when you swipe the sequence in one direction it changes the look. Swipe it back the other way and you have a fresh slate to draw on. The Divot board applies the same concept brilliantly to golf practice. The sequins which are stitched into the hitting board will change color as you make contact with the board. This shows you clearly where your club is hitting the ground in relation to the ball.


We put the Divot board to the test by performing 3 days of testing. Day one we simply had the testers play 18 holes. On day two we had them use the divot board on the range for 20 min prior to playing 18 holes. The testers then took the divot board home and practiced for 2 weeks for a minimum of 3 days per week. On the last day we played the same course a third time.

GolfersTester #1Tester #2Tester #3Tester #4Tester #5Tester #6Tester #7Tester #8
Round 1 (Baseline 18 hole)12084781057613088107
Round 2 (20 Min prior to 18 holes)115828098751408396
Strokes + or –-5-2+2-7-1+10-5-11
Round 3 ( 2 weeks of Divot board practice)105817695751208394
Strokes + or –-10-1-4-30-200-2
Total + or –-15-3-4-10-1-20-5-13
% Improvement12.5%4%3%10%1.3%8%6%12%
Testing By GolfAidReviews.org


We found that the Divot board helps enhance awareness of the low point of your swing for greater accuracy. Based on our testing we found that all eight testers handicap’s decreased when practicing with the divot board. The board was effective in the short term however the benefits of using the device on a regular basis showed a greater decrease in scores. Unlike other golf training aids the Divot board was incredible effective at translating practice to play on the course. This was a short term study and it would be interesting to see how golfers can benefit from the Divot board with long term use.

My concluding thoughts…

We were blown away by how effective the board was in lowering handicaps. All testers handicaps decreased; High handicappers saw the biggest decrease between 8%-12.5% whereas lower handicappers improvement was in the range of 1.3-8%. We believe this could be for two reasons. One, the Divot board works on the most important aspect in the golf swing which is low point control. Two, it taught the golfers to read divots which aided in on course swing adjustments. Whatever the reason for the improvement; the feedback that the Divot Board golf swing trainer provides will undoubtedly advance your golf game to the next level!


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Divot Board
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