DynAlign is a dynamic pre-shot alignment technique founded and developed by Craig Foster that can be applied to all golf shots, from putting to full shots, to give golfers increased control of the clubface/path relationship at impact. He has 30+ years as a professional clubmaker, including 10 years as head of the Northwest U.S. factory authorized repair center for the original Ben Hogan Co.

In 2010 Craig became a putting coach for PGA Tour player Steve Elkington, which resulted in two #1 rankings for putting in 2011 on the PGA Tour.
Putts inside 5′: 98.32%, 595 attempts, 585 putts made.
Putting from 3′: 100%, 592 attempts, 592 putts made.

Craig teaches private and group lessons in Olympia, WA.
Demonstration videos are available in the video vault at SECRET GOLF and Craig Foster on YouTube.
Click here for more info: http://dynaligngolf.com

#1 – Craig Foster