The ChippingPro is a golf chipping aid that forces you to swing your golf club on an optimal swing path (ball first then the ground).

There are 5 steps to using the ChippingPro:
1. Place the ChippingPro mat on a flat surface where you can swing your golf club.
2. Pick a target you will aim at and where you want your ball to come to a stop.
3. Place the ball in the “hitting zone”, set the “indicator flap” to a 35° angle (max allowed) and address the ball as you would a normal chip shot.
4. Make your backswing and downswing for the shot you want to play, avoiding the “obstruction block” at the rear of the ChippingPro as you swing.
5. Hit the ball towards the target you selected, making sure you strike the “indicator flap” with the clubhead as you follow through.

A well-executed chip will result in the “indicator flap” being pushed flat and the ball moving towards your target. In contrast, a poorly-executed chip will leave the “indicator flap” in a raised position. Even if the ball goes to the target, you have failed to perform the chipping swing correctly if the flap remains raised.
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